Dead Ends

by Aera Cura

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released August 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Aera Cura Clearwater, Florida

5 piece Deathcore band out of Central Florida.
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Track Name: Rigor Mortis
I'm so uneasy
With the way I feel with the world
So make this easy, I feel I'm better off dead
I've seen a million deaths
Just another day in my head
I will not sleep tonight
Curse all of this pain in my fucking mind
Deeper and deeper I fall in this hole
Twisting and screaming I can not control it
I can not seem to escape this pain
Someone help me feel whole again
That's okay I don't matter much
Especially compared to most of my "friends"
I'm done, I'm gone
I have lost of all my heart to faith
Waking up I barely wish to breathe
This world is so fucked up
Don't expect me to feel content
I'm gone (x3)
Track Name: Narcissist
Take all of your rumors and feed the unfaithful friends
just remember karma will sneak up on your ass.
Keep it in back of your mind, when you are called out on your lies.

Twisting the wheel and feeding the hate, caught in a circle because of your ways, you're fake.

We both know that you're a coward(x2).
We both know that you're a coward hiding behind your words.
We both know that you're a coward, death is the only answer.
we both know that you're a coward, twisted in all of your ways.
We both know that you're a coward, death is the only answer.

Your disease.
You fake piece of shit.
Disease, you're all the fucking same.
Bitch, go choke on a dick.
Track Name: Elm
Look at me now
As you're falling asleep
You can't escape this place, there's no turning around
This is only a dream
He follows me every night
There's no setting me free
My dreams aren't safe anymore
I strain to stay awake just as the night before
I'm begging for these dreams to stop
Hes crawling in my head and hes withering in my thoughts

My dreams are reality
I'm soaked in sweat in these sheets, torment is swallowing me
Smothered at night by the blades on his hands
I know once I fall asleep that's when the nightmare begins

I'm here to make you rot
And once you fall asleep, Vengeance is all that I want
I'll stop at nothing tormenting all your thoughts
I'll mangle your body in the boiler room tonight

I'm here to haunt you
Your dreams aren't safe anymore
I'm here to haunt you
Your dreams become my world
There is no escape
Death is the only answer
You only have your parents to blame
You're all my children now

You're all my children now (x5)
Track Name: The Departed
Don't tell me how you are so innocent
Cause when I look into your eyes, I can see all the lies you spill
Always throwing me into the sea
Fake friends are all left surrounding me
Traitors are pulling me into the deep
Lungs filled, I can no longer breathe
False hope and false pretense, I'm not doing this
Faith is all that's kept me intact, through all these falls(x2)
You've made
Go choke on all your lies
It's only feeding your demise
Go run to all your fucking friends
You will end up like all the rest
Run to all your friends and other eyes
Make sure to fill their heads with your lies
Do what works to make you look the best
You will always end up like the rest, dead
To think I used to call you a friend, it's going to be fun watching you unravel you twisted piece of shit
You'll end up dead;
Choking on all your lies
And I pray
That one day you will change (x2)